Palmerston Forts Society
Forts Ras Morbut and Ras Tarshayne, Upper El Aineh Battery, Seera Battery, Telegraph Bay Battery
No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist.
Fort Bedford, Fort Hayes, Fort Thornton


Bare Island Fort (NSW)
Ben Buckler Battery (NSW)
Bradleys Head (NSW)
Flagstaff Hill Fort (NSW)
Georges Head Battery (NSW)
Henry Head Battery (NSW)
Middle Head Fort (NSW)
North Fort (NSW)
Fort Scratchley (NSW)
Shark Point Battery (NSW)
Signal Hill Battery (NSW)
Smiths Hill Fort (NSW)
Fort Lytton (Queensland)
Fort Glanville (SA)
Mulgrave Battery, Prince of Wales Battery, Prince Albert Battery (Tas)
Queens Battery (Tas)
Alexandra Battery (Tas)
Kangaroo Bluff Battery (Tas)
Fort Nepean, Fort Pearce (Victoria)
Fort Queenscliff (Victoria)
South Channel Fort (Victoria)
Princess Royal Fortress (WA)


St. Anns Fort and Garrison Savannah
Macaulay Point Battery (Esquimalt)
Fort Rodd Hill (Esquimalt)
Halifax Citadel
Fort McNab, Ives Point Battery (Halifax)
York Redoubt, Connaught Battery (Halifax)
Fort Frederick (Kingston)
Fort Henry (Kingston)
Prince Edward Battery (Prince Edward Island)
Quebec Citadel
Lévis Fort Number 1 (Quebec)
Signal Hill Batteries (St. John’s Newfoundland)
COLOMBO - Klippenburg Battery, Galle Faec Battery, Guard Battery, Enkhuysen Battery & Battenburg Battery No web site found for these Victorian batteries - they may or may not still exist
TRINCOMALEE - Fort Frederick, Fort Ostenberg, Wellesey Batery (Great Sober Island), Flagstaff Battery & Regent's Battery
BOMBAY - Batteries at Oyster Rock, Middle Ground, Malabar Point, Cross Island, Butcher's Island and Colaba Point No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist
CALCUTTA - Victorian defences did exist here - they may or may not still exist
KARACHI - Manera Fort, No web site found for these Victorian fort - it may or may not still exist
MADRAS - Fort St George & Beach Batteries No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist
Victorian defences existed here together with a locally raised company of Artillery Volunteers. Whether batteries still exists?
MOMBASA ISLAND Victorian defences existed here. Whether batteries still exists?


Port Louis - Fort George, Albert Battery, Fort William

North Head Batteries (Auckland)
Fort Takapuna (Auckland)
Fort Victoria (Auckland)
Fort Taiaroa (Port Chalmers)
Harrington Point Battery (Port Chalmers)
Battery Point Battery (Lyttelton)
Fort Jervois (Lyttelton)
Fort Balance (Wellington)
Fort Buckley (Wellington)
Halswell Battery (Wellington)
Garden Battery (Wellington)
Kau Point Battery (Wellington)
Castries Batteries - Vigie, La Toc and Morne
FREETOWN - Fort Thornton Hill Victorian defences existed here together with a locally raised company of Artillery Volunteers. Whether batteries still exists?
Middle North Battery (Simonstown)
Fort Wynyard (Cape Town)

Meetings / Events

22/07/2020 - PFS evening visit to a place of local interest has been cancelled


19/09/2020 - PFS 2020 Outing to the Chatham forts Horsted and Luton

The PFS Annual Outing this year will be on the 19th September to the Chatham forts Horsted and Luton. As with previous years the outing will begin and end at Fort Nelson, departing 0800 sharp, with an anticipated return time of 1900hrs. Watch this space for further details.
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23/09/2020 - Members' Photo Evening

PFS members are invited to share their artillery and fortification photographs with those at the meeting.


The Palmerston Forts Society and Covid-19

The PFS Committee has regrettably cancelled all PFS activities for the next three months due to the current Covid-19 situation. It is hoped that by June 2020 the situation will have improved enough so that normal services and activities can be resumed, and the membership will be kept informed accordingly. Royal Armouries has closed Fort Nelson to the general public from the 18th March until further notice.

Fort Gilkicker back on the market

The roller-coaster ride for Fort Gilkicker continues, as it's back on the market yet again.... 
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Drop Redoubt Open Weekend dates for 2020

Drop Redoubt Open Weekend dates for 2020: 30th – 31st May and 5th – 6th September. For full details:

A new animation of the 100-ton gun at Fort Rinella, Malta.

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna (The Malta Heritage Trust) were involved in the creation of the animation and Mario Farrugia, who represents the trust, wrote an excellent article about the fort and gun for Redan 48 back in 1998. To see the animation click on the link:
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Merry Christmas!

The PFS Committee would like to take this festive time opportunity to wish the members of the Society a 'Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2020'.
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Hurst Castle storm damage sparks safety fears

Fears over the future of Hurst Castle have been heightened after storm damage forced the historic building’s closure at the weekend. English Heritage, which owns the scheduled monument near Milford, has shut a number exhibition rooms for the foreseeable future after large cracks appeared in the walls and ceilings.
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Redan 80 Availability

The 2019 issue of The Redan has been received from the printers, and will be distributed to members who attend this year's AGM on the 12th October. A general mail out to members who have renewed will commence from the 14th October.

PFS Membership Renewals

The new PFS membership year commenced on the 1st October, and thanks to all members who have renewed, but a reminder to those who have yet to renew that their subscription for the 2019-2020 year is now in overdue.

Peter Ashley Activity Centres: Fort Widley Heritage Evening - 4th October 2019

The Peter Ashley Activity Centre at Fort Widley will be open for a unique evening on Friday 4th October with a tour of the Secret Nuclear Bunker. The two hour guided tour begins at 6.30 pm and will include access to the Nuclear Civil Defence Bunker and a talk about the changes to civil defence since the 1950s. The cost is £15 per person and does include refreshments, including Pompey Pals Ale. To book call Lydia on 02392 321223 or email:
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Fort Cumberland Heritage Open Days

Fort Cumberland Heritage Open Days will be from Friday 13th September to Monday 16th September. Full details and tickets are available on the website:
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