Palmerston Forts Society
Forts Ras Morbut and Ras Tarshayne, Upper El Aineh Battery, Seera Battery, Telegraph Bay Battery
No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist.
Fort Bedford, Fort Hayes, Fort Thornton


Bare Island Fort (NSW)
Ben Buckler Battery (NSW)
Bradleys Head (NSW)
Flagstaff Hill Fort (NSW)
Georges Head Battery (NSW)
Henry Head Battery (NSW)
Middle Head Fort (NSW)
North Fort (NSW)
Fort Scratchley (NSW)
Shark Point Battery (NSW)
Signal Hill Battery (NSW)
Smiths Hill Fort (NSW)
Fort Lytton (Queensland)
Fort Glanville (SA)
Mulgrave Battery, Prince of Wales Battery, Prince Albert Battery (Tas)
Queens Battery (Tas)
Alexandra Battery (Tas)
Kangaroo Bluff Battery (Tas)
Fort Nepean, Fort Pearce (Victoria)
Fort Queenscliff (Victoria)
South Channel Fort (Victoria)
Princess Royal Fortress (WA)


St. Anns Fort and Garrison Savannah
Macaulay Point Battery (Esquimalt)
Fort Rodd Hill (Esquimalt)
Halifax Citadel
Fort McNab, Ives Point Battery (Halifax)
York Redoubt, Connaught Battery (Halifax)
Fort Frederick (Kingston)
Fort Henry (Kingston)
Prince Edward Battery (Prince Edward Island)
Quebec Citadel
Lévis Fort Number 1 (Quebec)
Signal Hill Batteries (St. John’s Newfoundland)
COLOMBO - Klippenburg Battery, Galle Faec Battery, Guard Battery, Enkhuysen Battery & Battenburg Battery No web site found for these Victorian batteries - they may or may not still exist
TRINCOMALEE - Fort Frederick, Fort Ostenberg, Wellesey Batery (Great Sober Island), Flagstaff Battery & Regent's Battery
BOMBAY - Batteries at Oyster Rock, Middle Ground, Malabar Point, Cross Island, Butcher's Island and Colaba Point No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist
CALCUTTA - Victorian defences did exist here - they may or may not still exist
KARACHI - Manera Fort, No web site found for these Victorian fort - it may or may not still exist
MADRAS - Fort St George & Beach Batteries No web site found for these Victorian forts & batteries - they may or may not still exist
Victorian defences existed here together with a locally raised company of Artillery Volunteers. Whether batteries still exists?
MOMBASA ISLAND Victorian defences existed here. Whether batteries still exists?


Port Louis - Fort George, Albert Battery, Fort William

North Head Batteries (Auckland)
Fort Takapuna (Auckland)
Fort Victoria (Auckland)
Fort Taiaroa (Port Chalmers)
Harrington Point Battery (Port Chalmers)
Battery Point Battery (Lyttelton)
Fort Jervois (Lyttelton)
Fort Balance (Wellington)
Fort Buckley (Wellington)
Halswell Battery (Wellington)
Garden Battery (Wellington)
Kau Point Battery (Wellington)
Castries Batteries - Vigie, La Toc and Morne
FREETOWN - Fort Thornton Hill Victorian defences existed here together with a locally raised company of Artillery Volunteers. Whether batteries still exists?
Middle North Battery (Simonstown)
Fort Wynyard (Cape Town)

Meetings / Events

27/07/2022 - PFS Evening visit to Fort Blockhouse

The evening visit to Fort Blockhouse is currently over-subscribed, but if any member wishes to go on to the reserve list then see Newsletter 165, Spring 2022, for details.

10/09/2022 - PFS 2022 Outing to the Chatham forts Horsted and Luton

The PFS Committee is pleased to announce that the 2022 Annual Outing to the Chatham forts Horsted and Luton that was cancelled due to the current Covid-19 situation, is now back on the calendar for 2022! Please see newsletter 165, Spring 2022, for details
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15/10/2022 - PFS Annual General Meeting 2022

The PFS will hold the 2022 AGM on Saturday 15th October at 14.00hrs. The meeting will take place at Fort Nelson, as has been the venue in the past,  but will also be virtual by Zoom (as last year) to give members who are unable to attend the opportunity to do so. The meeting will be held with Royal Armouries' approval and in accordance with whatever safety requirements they determine. All PFS members are invited to attend.


Fortifications Events Calendar

New fortifications events calendar available. This covers events at many Victorian Fortifications across the UK. Click on "Information" then "Fortifications Events".
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PFS Meetings at Fort Nelson 2022

The PFS  will soon be issuing details of the PFS meetings at Fort Nelson.
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Merry Christmas!

The PFS Committee would like to take this festive time to wish the members of the Society a 'Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous 2022'.

Horse Sand Fort sold for £715,000

The BBC website has just announced the following.... 'A derelict sea fort built to deter a French invasion in the 19th Century has been sold for £715,000.
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Palmerston Forts Society Members' Survey

In February and March this year, we surveyed the PFS membership on the subject of the PFS website...
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PFS New Publication - 'The Portsmouth Artillery Volunteers 1797 - 1908'

The PFS has just launched a new publication - 'The Portsmouth Artillery Volunteers 1797-1908' .
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Latest news concerning Fort Gilkicker

On Wednesday 5th May, four members of the Palmerston Forts Society meet with two directors of the development company that has bought Fort Gilkicker and their architect.  We were invited to the meeting after approaching the developers with a request for clarification of their plans for the fort.
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English Heritage Statement on Hurst Castle

EH have issued a statement on their web site concerning the collapse of part of the castle and the work currently being carried out.
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Fort Nelson reopens on 12th April

Fort Nelson will be open from 12 April 2021.
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Fort Gilkicker - interesting news (perhaps)

Interesting news about FORT GILKICKER (perhaps)  
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PFS Official Statement regarding Hurst Castle

At this morning's PFS Committee, the catastrophe that had struck the East Wing Battery of Hurst Castle was discussed. The committee felt it appropriate that an official public statement should be made.
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Hurst Castle Front Seaward-Facing Wall Collapse

Terrible news form Hurst Castle as the front seaward-facing wall collapses due to coastal erosion. A report from the BBC news website follows....
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Exciting news about Eastney Fort East

Earlier this week, a delegation from the Palmerston Forts Society met with the new owners of the site of the former Royal Marines Museum which includes the battery. The owners plan to develop the site into Portsmouth's first five star hotel. We were invited to discuss options for the future of the battery site.
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Amazon Smile

The PFS have registered with Amazon Smile. If you use Amazon why not use Amazon Smile instead, there is no difference to you as the customer, but for every £1 you spend, those nice folk at Amazon will give the PFS a ha'penny!
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