Palmerston Forts Society

The Palmerston Forts Society Committee

The day-to-day organisation of the Palmerston Forts Society is managed in accordance with the Charities Commission requirement by the “Trustees”, which is more commonly referred to as the committee.

There are four “officers” of the committee and several “ordinary” members. All of the committee are members of the society and are elected by the society’s membership at the Annual General Meeting.  The members of the committee hold office for one year but can be re-elected and there are no term limits. The committee can also co-opt a limited number of additional members as advisors or for special tasks.

The “officers” are a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  It is normal practice for officers and ordinary members of the committee to take on specific operational responsibilities in addition to any formal role they have.

The smooth running of the society is dependant on the time and resources volunteered by the committee.  There are some long serving members of the committee and we are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining the committee, look out for the papers that are issued before the Annual General Meeting in October every year.  This will tell you how to apply and whether there are any particular vacancies.

Phil Russell


James Doherty
Vice Chairman 

Lewis Sharp
Secretary & Social Media

Duncan Williams
Treasurer, Research & Web-master

Sarah Benson
Membership Secretary

Graham Walters
PAV Co-ordinator


Graham Linington

Alistair Graham-Kerr
Newsletter editor

Joanne Thornton
Committee Member

Darrel Instrell
Committee Member

Committee Member

Committee Member


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Volunteers needed to help get the big guns firing at Fort Nelson.

Volunteers are needed to help bring gun firing back to Fort Nelson in Portsmouth. The Portsdown Artillery Volunteers (PAV) were established to reenact the firing of the Victorian guns at Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill and they are looking to recruit new volunteers to help both fire and maintain the mighty Victorian guns. If you are interested in joining the Portsdown Artillery Volunteers and demonstrating this forgotten part of Britain’s history, you can contact the team at or you can talk to some of the volunteers at their Fort Nelson open day between 10am and 4pm on Sunday 22 October
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R.I.P. David Moore

The PFS is saddened to announce the passing of a founding member and great friend of the PFS - David Moore - a person of vast Victorian fortifications knowledge. The delay in advising the membership is out of respect for David's family who did not want it to be publicised until after his funeral.

Fort Gilkicker sold for £1.386M

The online auction on the Clive Emson site has just ended with Fort Gilkicker being sold for £1.386 million against a guide price of £1.5 million.  There were four bidders willing to pay at least £1.35 million. We also have just had a recent report that intruders to the site – which is hardly secure – have done more permanent damage to the barracks block. We can only hope that the new owner – whatever their intentions – gets this site secure and safe very soon.

Horse Sand Fort sold for £715,000

The BBC website has just announced the following.... 'A derelict sea fort built to deter a French invasion in the 19th Century has been sold for £715,000.
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