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Solent Papers

These were initially published as printed books by David Moore. David and the other contributors to these papers have bequeathed their works and the associated intellectual property to The Palmerston Forts Society who are happy to make the Solent Papers available to all, free of charge. Please respect the copyright and only use the documents as a personal reference resource. As time and resources allow it is the intention of the PFS to review each publication and correct mistakes and incorrect information through the addition of an errata.

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Paper No. Title Corrected
1 Spit Bank and the Spithead Forts not yet
2 The Needles Defences Yes
3 Fort Nelson and the Portsdown Forts not yet
4 Hilsea Lines and Portsbridge not yet
5 Fort Gilkicker not yet
6 Fort Brockhurst and the Gomer - Elson Forts not yet
7 Fort Fareham not yet
8 The Stokes Bay Defences not yet
9 Fort Nelson a History and Description not yet
10 The East Wight Defences not yet
11 Fort Rowner not yet
12 Portsmouth Lines and Southsea Defences not yet
13 Fort Blockhouse and Fort Monckton not yet
14 Fort Gomer and Fort Elson not yet
15 Fort Wallington not yet