The Portsmouth Artillery Volunteers 1797-1908

The Palmerston Forts Society has published this excellent book about the Volunteer Artillerymen that would have manned the nations fortifications from the late 18th to early 20th centuries. This full colour 36 page booklet, published in 2021, covers three different eras of the Volunteer Artillery, beginning with the units formed during the Napoleonic wars, through those formed for the protection of the Royal Dockyards in the mid 19th Century, then the Artillery Volunteers that were formed in 1859 when, once again, the country was in fear of invasion from the French: this Artillery Volunteer force lasted until 1908 when it became part of the territorial army. Although the book uses the units formed in Portsmouth to illustrate the development of the nation's Volunteer artillery force, the information would be useful to anybody with an interest in a rarely covered topic on British military history or the local history of Portsmouth.

It has the following sections:

  • Introduction.
  • The first formation of the Artillery Volunteers.
  • 1845 - The state of the maritime defences.
  • The Dockyard Battalions.
  • A Bonaparte returns to power.
  • Heightened risk of invasion.
  • Britons to Arms!
  • The formation of the Hampshire Artillery Volunteer Corps.
  • Initial Organisation of the Artillery Volunteers.
  • The first years of the Portsmouth Corps.
  • Royal Commission review the condition of the Volunteer Force.
  • New Head Quarters for the 3rd Hants.
  • Easter Volunteer Review.
  • 1868 Easter Volunteer Review.
  • 1869 Hampshire Volunteer Review.
  • Amalgamation of the Portsmouth Corps.
  • Army Organisation Reforms and Increased Regulation for the Volunteers.
  • Portsmouth Corps name changes.
  • 1882 Easter Volunteer Review.
  • Further Reorganisation and Name Changes.
  • Portsmouth Attacked - Whitsuntide Manoeuvres.
  • Drill Halls and Headquarters.
  • Awards and Trophy's.
  • The end of the Artillery Volunteers.
  • The Officers and Men of the Portsmouth Artillery Volunteers.
  • The Legacy of the Portsmouth Artillery Volunteers.

The book is richly illustrated with:  8 maps ■ 23 photographs including 15 antique illustrations and photographs.

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