The Victorian Forts Network

The Victorian Forts Network was established by the Palmerston Forts Society in early 2022 as an informal grouping of “Those involved in the operation of Victorian Forts for the public good”.

The Network is intended to be a forum to share problems, successes, good practices and ideas, challenges, and opportunities. The Network currently has over 70 members representing over 40 fortified sites and other organisations including the PFS. The PFS role is to coordinate meetings and other connections and a main measure of success of the Network is day to day interactions between members who might otherwise not know each other.  The members of the network are not necessarily members of the PFS.

The Network has a mixture of physical and Zoom meetings with the physical ones also including a Zoom element for those are not able to travel to the meeting.  Past meetings have been hosted by Royal Armouries Fort Nelson and by Nothe Fort.

Some meetings have focused on a key topic such as “Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers” while others have been “show and tell” sessions where members are invited to tell stories of successes to learn from or problems that are looking for solutions.

Membership is currently limited to forts in the UK and one in the ROI but we expect to soon welcome members representing overseas British-heritage fortifications of the same period.

The definition of “….the operation of Victorian forts for the public good” is pretty broad.  If you are restoring a fort as a private home that still qualifies because we see the restoration as “…for the public good”

If you are not in the network and think that you should be, then get in touch with us at:


Resource Area

This is an area for storing information that members of the Network wish to share with their colleagues.  This will be added to as it becomes available.  If you would like to add something to this list, please send it to us at:


Limewash Experience and Resources from the Victorian Forts Network meeting in 2023.
The Conservation Repair and Management of War Memorials (Historic England).

An excellent introduction to Mortars, Renders and Plasters from English Heritage.

An example of the sort of training that is available for traditional building materials

Brickwork and Masonry
Drainage Gullies at Slough Fort
Brickwork Contractor at Fort Gilkicker

Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Protection
 Fort Purbrook Redan Bridges
Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Protection - Aquasteel
Cast Iron and Wrought Iron Protection - Good Practice Guides

Carpentry, Joinery and Glazing
Steep Holm Shifting Lobby

Munitions and Ancillaries

Cartridge Zinc Cylinders 

Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers