40th Anniversary Photograph Competition

The main focus of the Palmerston Forts Society is the fortifications that were built in the UK following the Royal Commission of 1859 but, for this competition, the scope will be any fortification in Britain, the British Empire and its possessions that was initiated between the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837 and the commencement of WW1 in 1914.

So now is the time to unl eash your creativity and showcase your skills, whilst capturing all that makes Victorian fortifications so special.

The competition invites amateur photographers to submit photographs in one or more of the following categories:

People:  Photographs capturing the interaction of people and forts or batteries. This could capture the spirit of events and activities such a reenactment but equally could capture normal public visits and community events or involvement or the people behind working behind the scenes and the work they do.

Ruins, Restoration or Repurposing:  Some fortifications have fallen into disrepair while others have been restored or found new uses. We invite you to submit images that capture the spirit of these different stages.

Favourite Feature:  Whether you crave a caponier or relish a redoubt this is your chance to show one off or capture a favourite detail of a fortification.

Shared History:  Did you photograph a fort before demolition or restoration, or do you have an old photo of a work party restoring a battery? This category is a chance to dig out your old photograph collections.

This sort of competition is more fun when there are prizes to be had.  The winner of each category will win a year’s subscription to the Palmerston Forts Society and the winner of Best Overall Photograph will win a two year subscription.

In addition, the winners will have their work reproduced in the Societies’ Journal the Redan and other publications, social media etc.

There are (inevitably) some rules and you will find them, together with an application form here:

PFS 2024 Photo Competition - Entry Form.pdf

PFS 2024 Photo Competition - T & C.pdf


Weekend Visit to the Plymouth Forts

As part of our 40th Anniversary events programme we are holding a weekend visit this year, in place of our annual September day trip. This will be the weekend 7th & 8th September 2024.
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Visits to Fort Gilkicker and the Hilsea Lines

As part of our 40th Anniversary events programme we are holding two members visits this year. Traditionally the PFS has held an annual evening visit to a Portsmouth fortification, but this year we are holding two afternoon visits: Fort Gilkicker - Saturday 20th April 2024, Hilsea Lines - Saturday 13th July 2024.  
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Easy Fund Raising

Easyfundraising We have now registered with a new scheme called easyfundraising.   Over 7,000 brands will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself.  
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40th Anniversary Photograph Competition

2024 will see the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Palmerston Forts Society. One activity to celebrate this event is to be a photographic competition.  This is intended to showcase the talent of our members and followers and capture the essence of British Victorian Fortifications across the globe. 
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40th Anniversary of the founding of the PFS

2024 marks the 40th year since the Palmerston Forts Society was formed. To commemorate this occasion a number of special events will be announced. Watch this space......