13-inch mortar                
16pr RML                
64pr Garrison carriage                
7-inch RBL                
16pr RML horsedrawn                
64pr blocked-up carriage                
On Manoeuvres                
Building of the Verne Citadel, Portland - Illustrated Times 1862                
Magazine sign, Synewood Battery, IoW                
Sligo Militia at Verne Quarry HA Battery, Portland August 1900                

Meetings / Events

23/05/2018 - The Enigma of Bletchley Park
A talk by PFS member Graham Walters about the work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.
26/05/2018 - PAV Recruiting Day
The Portsdown Artillery Volunteers are looking for new recruits. Why not come along to Fort Nelson on Saturday 26th May to see what is involved in this unique hobby.
27/06/2018 - The Pompey Pals Project
By the end of the First World War more than 1,400 men from Portsmouth had made the ultimate sacrifice. Tonight's talk is by Chris Pennycook, co-founder of the Pompey Pals Project, who will tell the personal stories of some of those men.


PAV Recruitment Days - 28th April & 26th May 2018
Uniformed members of the PAV will be in the 'Voice of the Guns' at Fort Nelson on Saturdays 28th April & 26th May 2017 to encourage members of the public to join the PFS and, if suitable, the PAV.
All PFS members are welcome to come along to give the boys their support.
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Due to the anticipated bad weather and very low temperatures the PFS evening meeting on the 28th February is cancelled. We hope to re-schedule the talk on 'Queen Victoria's Forgotten Navy' to a date later this year.

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Society Activities

A sample selection of photographs from PFS events, meetings and visits - click on any picture to start slide show.
Society visit Summer 2012, 6-inch BL emplacements on No.2 Battery Members visit to No.2 Battery, Stokes Bay Diving Museum - Summer 2012 PAV working on the 8-inch shell gun at Pendennis CastlePFS visit to West Moncrieff position, Hilsea LinesMembers' Evening at Fort Nelson Fort Rowner visit - Summer 2011 Visit to Coalhouse Fort, East TilburyThe PAV relax around the 32 pdr SBBLThe PAV 'running back' the 7 inch RBL ArmstrongPAV 'running back' the 64pdr RML on the blocked-up carriagePFS work party looking smug at the end of the dayPFS visit to foreign partsPAV 'ready' to fire the 64pdr RML to celebrate 25 years of the PFSPAV firing the 16pdr RML field gunPFS visit to Fort WidleyPAV in 'blues & helmets'PFS work party laying hogging at Fort Nelson - fine adjustments!PFS work party laying gravel hogging on the West terreplein Fort NelsonPAV around the 13 inch mortar dressed for a US civil war event at Fort NelsonPAV 'detatchment rear' alongside the 16pdr RMLPAV firing the 16pdr RML field gun at Fort NelsonPAV in the replica barrack room at Fort NelsonPFS work party working on the garrison carriage for the 64 pdr RMLPAV firing the 32pdr SBBL, note the muzzle flash and friction tube tracePFS work party laying the gravel hogging on the West terreplein at Fort NelsonPFS work party loading hogging for use on the west terreplein at Fort NelsonPFS work party painting the 64 pdr RML of 58cwtPFS work party check that the newly built gun platform can take the weightPAV firing the 13 inch land service mortar during an American Civil War eventPAV waiting for their tea in the Fort Nelson replica barrack roomFort Nelson officers mess kitchen, with two kitchen maidsLoading of the 32 pdr SBBL with the powder cartridgeDetail of the reproduction breech for the 32 pdr SBBLFiring of the 32 pdr SBBL within the North caponier of Fort NelsonThe business end of a 32 pdr SBBL, Fort Nelson North CaponierPAV firing the 64 pdr RML on Garrison Carriage at Fort NelsonPAV 'running up' the 64 pdr RML on Garrison Carriage at Fort NelsonPAV reloading 32 pdr SBBL at Fort Nelson