13-inch mortar                
16pr RML                
64pr Garrison carriage                
7-inch RBL                
16pr RML horsedrawn                
64pr blocked-up carriage                
On Manoeuvres                
Building of the Verne Citadel, Portland - Illustrated Times 1862                
Magazine sign, Synewood Battery, IoW                
Sligo Militia at Verne Quarry HA Battery, Portland August 1900                

Meetings / Events

23/05/2018 - The Enigma of Bletchley Park
A talk by PFS member Graham Walters about the work of the code breakers at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.
26/05/2018 - PAV Recruiting Day
The Portsdown Artillery Volunteers are looking for new recruits. Why not come along to Fort Nelson on Saturday 26th May to see what is involved in this unique hobby.
27/06/2018 - The Pompey Pals Project
By the end of the First World War more than 1,400 men from Portsmouth had made the ultimate sacrifice. Tonight's talk is by Chris Pennycook, co-founder of the Pompey Pals Project, who will tell the personal stories of some of those men.


PAV Recruitment Days - 28th April & 26th May 2018
Uniformed members of the PAV will be in the 'Voice of the Guns' at Fort Nelson on Saturdays 28th April & 26th May 2017 to encourage members of the public to join the PFS and, if suitable, the PAV.
All PFS members are welcome to come along to give the boys their support.
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Due to the anticipated bad weather and very low temperatures the PFS evening meeting on the 28th February is cancelled. We hope to re-schedule the talk on 'Queen Victoria's Forgotten Navy' to a date later this year.

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Latest News

Isle of Wight Forts Walk - Thursday 8 May 2014


The Society has received a message from the Isle of Wight Council which is reproduced below which may appeal to PFS members both on the island and elsewhere. If you are interested in the Fort Walk on the 8th May 2014, please contact Trevor Price directly:

Hello - For those [PFS] members here on the Isle of Wight, or who wish to travel over to the Island; they might like to combine a geological walk from Dinosaur Isle on the Isle of Wight (Sandown Bay) up past the sites of a number of fortifications above Yaverland and Culver Cliff finally finishing with a guided tour of the Palmerston Fort on Culver Down. The National Trust are beginning the restoration of Bembridge Fort so it is an opportunity to see a Fort as it is being restored. Details below or contact me.




Best wishes, Trevor Price


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