13-inch mortar                
16pr RML                
64pr Garrison carriage                
7-inch RBL                
16pr RML horsedrawn                
64pr blocked-up carriage                
On Manoeuvres                
Building of the Verne Citadel, Portland - Illustrated Times 1862                
Magazine sign, Synewood Battery, IoW                
Sligo Militia at Verne Quarry HA Battery, Portland August 1900                

Meetings / Events

22/11/2017 - The French Navy 1840 to 1900: the Strategy of the Weak
A talk by PFS member Geoff Hallett on the development of the French Navy through the second half of the nineteeth century.
24/01/2018 - Members' Photos Evening

PFS members are invited to share their fortification photographs with those at the meeting.

28/02/2018 - Queen Victoria's Forgotten Navy - Part III
PFS member James Doherty continues the story of how the Royal Navy developed during the reign of Queen Victoria.        


News Update - The 2017 issue of The Redan is now available, having been distributed to members who attended this year's AGM on the 14th October. A general mail out to members who have renewed will commence from the 16th October. ...> read more

The Western Heights Preservation Society are pleased to announce their Spring Open Weekend. On the 20th and 21st May the Drop Redoubt fort and Grand Shaft staircase will be open to explore from 10:00 17:00 both days.

...> read more

PAV firings 2012

Pictures from the PAV gun firing events of 2012 - click on any picture to start slide show.
23rd Sept 2012 - 13-inch mortar firing23rd Sept 2012 - firing the 13-inch mortar18th May 2012 - 64pr Garrison Carriage - firing in the rain15th July 2012 - PAV in dress uniform15th July 2012 - 16pr field gun being laid15th July 2012 - 16pr field gun - Fire29th July 2012 - 64pr Traversing Platform - Fire!29th July 2012 - 64pr Traversing Platform - Meet and Greet29th July 2012 - 64pr traversing platform - Right Turn Dismiss29th July 2012 - 64pr traversing platform - Run Back29th July 2012 - 64pr traversing platform  - Fire